The Journey

My Wholistic journey started in my early 20’s  when I had been prescribed medication by my General Practitioner for a common skin condition; not enough tests had been conducted, and I started to experience side effects that worsened. I was not able to get resolve through my GP and turned to Wholistic approaches instead.

I was introduced to Iridology, the study of the Iris and its relation to organs of the body. My passion for Natural Healing began then and was driven by my own recovery from the side effects that the Western medication had caused. After a series of Naturopathic treatments, I was able to start healing and not suffer from pain.

I realized there was healing and great benefit in ancient teachings and that a whole person had to be considered rather than a specific illness. Wholistic health became a life form for me. 9 years of passion and research, all to find a state of balance, healing of the mind, body, spirit and emotion. We all work towards the quest for optimal health and wellness. If we look hard enough at Ancient healing, there is so much to learn, and so much to heal from.

Essential Healing Blends has brought the Whole, Natural and unrefined ingredients; delicately extracted their healing properties and infused them into an array of beautiful, nurturing products for your Body and Mind.

“Essential Healing Blends believes that our Mother Earth provides more than enough in healing and nourishment with natural ingredients to give us optimal health for our bodies and mind”.

Our Happy Clients!

I order some products and felt very happy while using the products from Essential Healing Blends . I enjoy the soap as it has a subtle, natural smell, not at all overwhelming, and provides gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin.


Nawah Sahli

We have tried and  love so many of these incredible products, so soft and gentle on the skin, doesn’t leave your skin dry. I enjoyed this soap because it was gentle and subtle. It felt safe for sensitive skin. Love this product, highly recommended.


Brittni Stewart

Absolutely LOOOOVE these products. Not only do they smell good, but most importantly, they most certainly feel good. Love the luxurious body butter which really nourishes and treats my skin and recharges me for a new day  !


Shama Manji

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