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Iridology Analysis

Iridology is the science and practice of eye analysis revealing a person’s relative state of health.  The study of the iris provides information on genetic predispositions, inflammation, toxicity and stresses, providing clues to potential health problems.
In this way, Iridology can be of tremendous benefit in preventing disease before it manifests, utilizing the tools of nutrition, therapies and lifestyle to direct the body into a higher state of health.
Iridologists examine the iris for signs, color, and the overall composition which is a genetic blueprint much like that of a fingerprint, which gives information about the predispositions of one’s health.  This allows us to take precautions or make suggestions for possible ways of preventing health issues from manifesting.

Botanical/Herbal Medicine

The use of Botanical/Herbal Medicine is a science and practice of using medicinal plants and extracts to improve overall health, support wellness and treat acute or chronic disease. Herbal healing dates back to the beginnings of civilization and is the foundation of modern pharmacology. Plant substances from around the world may be used to support the body’s ability to heal.


Reflexology is an ancient therapy that focuses on healing in the body by activating different reflex points found in the hands and feet. Pressing on the different points in the hands and feet causes reflex responses in corresponding parts of the body, which can help promote healing. Reflexology is based on the idea that the glands, organs, and parts of the body are reflected in specific reflex areas on the hands, feet, and ears. Applying pressure to these specific points can reduce pain and anxiety and promote circulation, relaxation, and healing in the body.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition examines the relationship between diet and health. Special diets may be recommended. Treatment may include nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutraceuticals.
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