Mosquito Repellent – 4 oz

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Ingredients : Custom carrier blend, lemon eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, citronella, tea tree, lemongrass, geraniol.


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3 reviews for Mosquito Repellent – 4 oz

  1. Karina Clayton

    This Mosquito repellent gives me so much peace of mind knowing I can use it safely even on my baby, I put it on her clothes but even if it was to touch her skin or she smells it, it won’t cause her any harm, and on top of it, smells delicious!! The Mosquito after bite works like a charm!! Such amazing products!! ❤

    • zaina

      Thankyou so much my Dear… Your little one’s safety is the principal goal… ?

  2. Sheliza Dharshi

    Love this repellent!! It works amazing and gives me so much comfort that it is all natural and safe for me to put on my little ones skin

    • zaina

      Thankyou Sheliza for your continued support… It makes me so happy that these products work and give peace of mind.

  3. Noor Esmail

    I have tried and love so many of the incredible Essential Healing Blends products. They are gentle and subtle for my sensitive skin. I would highly recommend these products.

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